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What is Guidestar? Defend our Children achieves highest rating two years in a row

Guidestar stays up to date on the latest facts, insights and rates nonprofits based on their mission and donation use. They utilize four ratings to show their evaluation of credibility and mission efforts of a nonprofit organization. They truly focus on transparency between nonprofits and potential donors. The four ratings are:

Guidestar keeps up with things such as:


  • Easily search 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations, and thousands of faith-based nonprofits

  • Gather insights on financials, people/leadership, mission, and more


  • Authoritative data derived from validated sources, including 990s and direct reporting—verified and updated daily

  • Best-in-sector proprietary data processing enabling comprehensive analysis

Productivity (instead of speed)

  • Expand your research and analysis efficiency—our products do the heavy lifting

  • Power your systems/applications with our premier nonprofit data via APIs

"Nonprofit profiles help the sector take a leap forward from data and information about charities to powerful knowledge and insight to help us make informed decisions."

Guidestar allows you to research valuable nonprofit partners and efficiently find organizations that will meet your goals and gain more valuable partnerships.

Guidestar is one of the leading nonprofit review organizations and authentication tools. Not all nonprofits are operated the same. You definitely want to know which nonprofits are utilizing your donations for the mission and not their own Ferraris.. It all comes down to verifying your donations are going towards the mission! Do you not want to know that??

Defend our Children has achieved Guidestar's highest rating two years in a row. (2021 and 2022). Guidestar also produces items such as summaries and report cards. Want to review our report card or other evaluated material? Click here to review our profile:

Check our our Clarity report from Guidestar:

Guidestar - Clarity Check Nov 2022
Download PDF • 65KB

Do you you agree having high ratings from third party verification teams is important?

  • Yes, verification of where my $ goes is important to me

  • No, I donate and do not wish to see where the $ goes

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