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These horrible events occur more often than you would think possible. School Shootings are increasing every year and has even more potential to occur from the stress of the COVID19 epidemic

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Our Efforts to stop these tragedies

Our nonprofit, Defend our Children, focuses on equipping schools with Safe Space Security Devices (SSSD) that provide protection to students in the moment they are faced with an active shooter event. 

Could you imagine if every school were equipped with these safe space security devices? Could we end school shootings forever?

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School Shootings in the USA

The FBI defines an active shooting as, "An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area". Active shooters often target schools for a variety of known and unknown reasons. Regardless, over 300 lives have been lost to over the last 300 school shootings. Countless parents, grandparents, communities and the country have been impacted forever. See below for details on Mass shootings in the school and workplace.

Data Visualization Source: 

Viz Author: Tom Gibes

US Mass Shootings dashboard utilizing Mother Jones US Shootings database

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Mass Shootings in the United States

 "Mother Jones defines Mass Shooting as "indiscriminate rampages in public places resulting in four or more victims killed by the attacker." Mass shootings have taken place in workplaces and schools all over the U.S. The U.S. has had 1,316 school shootings since 1970 and these numbers are increasing. Use our interactive map to learn more about these tragic shootings.

Data Visualization Source: 

Center for Homeland Defense and Security | Naval Post Graduate School

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If these senseless tragedies make you as angry as they make us, please consider following our social media and newsletters for updates on our progress in the fight against school shootings, sexual harassment and other violence in the school environment. 


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