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#GameforaCause - How gamers are coming together to fundraise and improve school security

#GameforaCause .... Sounds crazy right? Not at all. Gamers across the world have taken fundraising into their own hands to benefit Defend our Children's efforts to improve school security. Gamers have reached tens of thousands people across the world. With software integrations such as tiltify and platforms like twitch, Gamers now are doing what they love and supporting a great cause. These efforts truly highlight significant impacts.

Recently, an entire "stream team" of Gamers came together and made a week long fundraising event. Each night a different gamer of the stream team hosted a night full of education and donation actions all benefiting Defend our Children. The team spent some time upfront to schedule the event, educate themselves on the nonprofit's mission and the Safe Space Security Desk. Then they published their schedules and allowed their followers to be informed on the event.

Their "donation actions" included things such as:

  1. If you donated $50, they would pie themselves in the face.

  2. If you donated $20, they would drink a drip of hot sauce.

  3. If you donated $500, they would shave their head.

I think you get the point...

This is an amazing and very generous efforts by gamers across the world. Using their audiences to not only support Defend our Children, but also to push their own streaming channels to the next level. Want to perform your own stream fundraisers? Check out our guide below.

1. Make your own twitch account and build your following.

2. Once your following is built up, visit tiltify. Tiltify is the software intergration that allows your followers to know their donations are going to the nonprofit you have chosen to support. To get started link:

3. Once you have integrated the software:

a. plan the day of your fundraiser

b. review to see the school safety mission, leadership team, and the Safe Space Security Desk

c. come up with your "donation actions" - are you a hotsauce or headshaver?

d. if you would like member of Defend our Children to visit your fundraiser, send us a message and give us the 5 Ws. email

e. inform your followers of your event and make marketing graphics to help promote your event. Need inspiration or a template? OR Need graphics from Defend our Children?

4. Rock and roll with you fundraiser! Fundraisers are significantly impactful not only for donations but also raises awareness of Defend our Children's school safety efforts. Can you help spread the word we are trying to reach 1,000 amazonsmile participants? Game Changer!

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