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My name is Wolf! I am a husband and a father of 3 amazing children.


I am a competitive gamer/ content creator! I am an Afghanistan Veteran and still currently serving in the military.


I hope to one day hang the boots up and take care of my family as a full time streamer/ content creator. Thank y'all for being here and I hope y'all swing by my streams to have a great time!

My Story

I appreciate everything that is given to me! I never want anyone to feel pressured to gift, sub or donate but I surely appreciate it and it goes right back into the stream! We will also be working with the Defend Our Children Nonprofit and doing our best to give them support! I've said it before but the most valuable thing you can offer someone is your time! Thank y'all so much for being here and investing your time in me!

WolfGamingTK has gone above and beyond to help educate the public on our nonprofit efforts. With his help, we have reached over thousands of gamers as he continues to spread awareness and support our efforts. He runs fundraising tournaments and it would be a great opportunity for you to get involved! Thanks to all the gamers that align with our mission to help end school shootings!


Are you a gamer that wants to get more involved with Defend our Children? Consider running your own tiltify fundraiser. Heres a link to how: https://tiltify.com/defend-our-children.

If you email info@defendourchildren.org about your fundraiser, we can shout you out on our social media!


Wolf donates a portion of his profits to Defend our Children. We appreciate every purchase you make to support our ambassadors and our nonprofit mission!