Hello, I'm Jess Anne!

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My distinct free flowing style is inspired from a deep love of nature and background in geology and geography. Through my creative process, layers and color relationships direct compositions organically through paint play and media experimentation.


The diverse interactions of environments, places, and spaces is reflected through my artistic style. Drawing inspiration from various landscapes and places, the intention behind my artwork to create a mood and space to dream, remember, and inspire.

My Story

My creative goal is to inspire you to reconnect with the memories, emotions, places, and times that have had a profound impact on your life - to bring happiness home.

Custom art for residential and commercial spaces is the heart of my business from fine art and handcrafts to unique projects such as tables, countertops, signs, and more. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to set up a in-person or virtual consultation.

I work with a wide range of style, colors, and sizes beyond what is displayed on my website. To see more up to date photographs check out my social media or send me an email. I am often too busy creating to keep up with posting all the artwork and projects I am working on.


Jessica donates a portion of her profits to Defend our Children. We appreciate every purchase you make to support our ambassadors and our nonprofit mission!