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Safe Space
Security Device.

Enhancing the Run, Hide or Fight by providing cover and concealment from School Violence.


Providing predesignated cover through the "Extreme Danger Gap" until first responders engage the threat.

Bringing trust back to School Safety. 

Product Data

When a student is in danger from School Violence, they use their natural instinct to duck into the ballistic shelter. 

Safety Data Sheets

The student closes the door and stays in the proven ballistic protection of Safe Space Security Device.

Tactical Data

First Responders rush to the scene. Students are in their predesignated Safe Space Security Devices. First Responders engage threat.

Extensively Tested

The SSSD has passed testing for durability, safety, structural stability and ballistic integrity. Tested for mechanical safety according to ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2021

Level IIIA Protection

An intense and rigorous ballistic standard from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) performed by independent testing agency. 44 Magnum and Submachine Gun 9 mm. 

Modern Look and Feel

It is time for the School device to get a much needed upgrade to meet today's student safety needs. Together we can truly make a difference.

Children need your help.

Children want protection from School Violence. Growing up in an education system with school violence has led to loss of life, lifetime disorders, lack of education, lower incomes... the list goes on. 

We CAN help more children see tomorrow, see graduation, become business leaders, astronauts, parents... Imagine Tomorrow.

Together, we advance school safety and invest in the lives of our children by empowering them with Safe Space Security Devices. 

Will you help them?

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