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Gamer, Streamer, Service Member

WolfGamingTK games and streams across multiple platforms. He has been one of our nonprofit's earliest official supporters. If you're a gamer, you should check out WolfGamingTK!

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Brannon Armstrong

Family Man, Service Member, Ambassador

Always serving his communities, Brannon is an active member in his church and actively serving in the US Military. He is generously donating his free time to be a Defend our Children Ambassador.


Randy Kientz

Family Man, Construction Manager, Ambassador

Always finding ways to give back to his community through construction and volunteering, Randy has come aboard DOC as an Official Ambassador. He wants to spread awareness of our efforts!


Jessica Garrett

Artist, Design By JessAnne 

Jess is an upcoming artist in the Central Florida area that specializes in mixed media artist specializing in fine art and fine handcrafts. Looking for an awesome custom gift, check her out!

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Aaron Harvey

Underwriter, Prior Service Member, Dad

As a Father of a young boy, Aaron understands the importance of student Safety. He gives his time to help spread awareness of Defend our Children and their efforts to increase School Safety. 

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